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My Window Pain

“I wish you could see yourself through my

eyes. If you could, you would see just how

beautiful you are, and the extraordinary

miracle of being you. If you could climb

inside of my heart right now and feel what I

feel for and about you, you would know you are accepted and loved… all of you… just the way you are, and you would never again doubt your worth or your place in this world. Don’t confuse the word “acceptance” with “tolerance.” It’s not that you, are a tolerable you. You are that priceless piece of art, that song that brings tears to your eyes, that sunset that moves you, takes your breath away and satisfies every molecule of your being. I don’t “tolerate” you, I love, appreciate, and celebrate you! I wish right now you could sink down into and bask in the warmth of knowing all that you are." -kNOw CA$H  

Premeditated Productionz
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