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   Raised as a creative spark with loving grandparents Byon Artrell McCullough, a rising music artist in 2008, who went by the stage name of $aga Ca$h developed credibility between two worlds. As a music artist $aga Ca$h became a magnetic force for fan appeal with unique hooks and an amplified personality. $aga Ca$h developed a career expansion in entertainment with an unfortunate life learning investor that uprooted from lack of budget. Investment opportunities allowed $aga Ca$h to grow and gain the attention of Universal Records but, due to circumstances, Byon found himself negotiating a deal and facing a PWI Charge with the State of South Carolina at the same time. Byon was sentenced to 5 years in prison for distribution of illegal narcotics which ended all pending deals with Universal. Byon found himself at a downward spiral from losing freedom, the death of his grandparents, time with his children , so called friends and lots of cash.


   $aga Ca$h finally found himself at rock bottom with no outlook on life.  Byon was released years later motivated hoping for a second chance at entertainment under the name $aga Ca$h but, do to lack of a budget and resources that became an impossible task along with a slim chance of landing a normal job due to felony charges. Byon was forced to figure out a way to make an honest living with no income & minimum support from immediate family & friends. Finding himself in a homeless situation, the absence of his grandparents support was felt heavily as he heard constant statements such as "Maybe you should give up & try something different!!!!" "How are you gonna have a name like $aga with no CA$H???"


    "Motivation is born when the necessity of life presents itself with strength". This statement, to Byon created an ultimate inspiration and he developed "The Broke Homie No Ca$h", a real life character with no money, just talent to inspire through street performance. No Ca$h street performances quickly gained notoriety and he teamed up with a risk taking videographer named Spike Fe; the result, millions of You tube views and lots of press. No Cash took his act on the road performing on street corners, car washes, store fronts, and many other locations. Using the talents and gifts God gave him No Ca$h, featured on National News many times, multiple radio interviews  and newspapers which allowed him some assistance from supporting fans. Still pursuing greater heights in both career and life experience No Ca$h transitioned his journey by changing his name to kNOw Ca$h, making knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration his key distribution to people to achieve greater goals in life unashamed of circumstances. 


"People that are real

to themselves create real change for others" - kNOw Ca$h

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